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NON- Profits & Charities:
Indy Party Rentals will only donate $300.00 a month to non-profits & charities in rentals.
Rentals are a first come first serve basis. You must e-mail us on the 1st of the month of the rental.

Donations, Indy Party Rentals will donate items, what, cost, and when will also be a matter of that return advertising can be done also.

See our FAQ

Payments & Billing:
The person picking up the equipment must be a minimum age of eighteen (18) years and some items must be minimum age of twenty-one (21) years and have a valid Indiana identification card (ID) or a Indiana drivers license (DL) needs to be sent before the date of event and then secured by a credit card.
If the person picking up if different then the person on the reservation then both persons need to submit this ID before pickup.
NOTE: by securing the rental with a credit card does not mean the card will be charge.

We have an E-Signature this needs to be completed before delivery/pickup

We do not bill NET 15/30 - If you need to be billed you will need to setup an account with us.
All rentals
MUST BE PAID at the time of pickup, or PAID before delivery.

Why must I secure my rentals with a credit card?
The machines and equipment we rent can cost well over $1,000.00 or more new, we want to make sure our machines remain in a good safe working order for all of our customers to enjoy through out the seasons.

Twenty-one (21) year restriction:
Any and all bar items, and lasers.

Refunds & Credits & Cancellations:
We can never stress this enough once your reservation is put in and a credit card is given it's your item, NO REFUNDS.
Why no refunds?
We are a rental company when you reserve an item from us, the item is reserved for you and can't be re-rented.

Example, Lets say you put $50.00 deposit on a jump house, and then call us a week before and cancel; you will get a $50.00 in-store credit not $50.00 cash back.

Jump Houses & Dunk Tanks - can be rescheduled for a later date (subject to availability).
Any deposits paid to hold dates will be giving as store credit if you cancel your event.
No refunds or store credit on any partially used or unused food related products.

Refunds & Cancellations: NO REFUNDS store credit only. Once an item (s) is paid for the reservation is complete. If your order is cancelled after payment is processed you will receive the refund as store credit. If a refund does occur the refund will be given within (30) days from the event date. In the event of acts of GOD and/or the company is unable to setup for the event this invoice will be rescheduled for the next available date. NO REFUNDS will be given for the return of any returns of any beer, kegs, food, food related item (s), or helium products. Any unused items can not be used by the company or resold. Any special ordered items are NON REFUNDABLE. $50.00 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit on all rentals. ALL NSF / Chargebacks are subject to a $45.00 fee per transaction.

Deliveries & Pickups:
Before any delivers are made your rental MUST BE secured with a credit card over the phone or prepaid.
Delivery Fee, We charge a delivery and pickup fee.

Delivery Times: We DOES NOT GUARANTEE an exact delivery and pickup time, we will try our best to accommodate our clients with there delivery needs, but there are too many factors in delivery and pickup times. We suggest if you need something at a specific time please pick it up instead of delivery.

Delivery & Pickup NOTE:
If we are unable to deliver or pickup at the time specified we will not resend a driver.
If you want us to resend a delivery driver there will be an additional charge and no guarantee on delivery time.
We will not resend a driver for failed pickups, it will then be customers responsibility to return the item (s) to companies location.

Delivery Access & Steps:
Please provide truck and dolly access to setup locations; if there is no truck access or to narrow of dolly access there will be a $25.00 fee for the extra time needed for delivery / setup. Please notify us of any steps before delivery or pickup; depending on the amount of steps there may be an additional charge for delivery.

We work on a 1st come 1st serve basis if you want to 100% guarantee your rental please call us or stop by and prepay or leave a deposit. If you do not pickup the equipment on the reserved day the money you paid if forfeited, and you will receive a coupon for the equipment you rented that you can use towards future rentals or supplies.

All equipment rentals have a $50.00 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit some deposits may be greater depending on what is rented and how many time you have rented from us. The deposit MUST BE made prior to your pickup or delivery of the equipment. Any deposits made will be applied to your balance on the date of pickup or delivery.

Power Requirements:

Customer is responsible for power. Indy Party Rentals is NOT liable for problems due to power issues. Generally we need (1) 20 amp circuit for EACH blower and/or piece of equipment rented. (other items can not be plugged into the same circuit) We furnish one (1) five (5) foot extension cord. Unit must be placed within 25 feet of power source. If you are using a generator, you will need a 3,500 watts of 3.5 kilowatts for each blower or item or a minimal of one (1) 20 amp circuit per blower and/or piece of equipment rented.

Late Fees:
Customer is responsible to pay on time; if not a late fee of $9.99 per month or billing net will be accessed.

Office Phone: (317) 782-8800 :: SMS ONLY: (317) 966-4680
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