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Microphone & Wireless Microphones

$10.00 / Each
Digital Reference DRV100 Dynamic Cardioid Hand-held

Outstanding vocal reproduction for any musical styleCardioid polar pattern for wider pickup areaDynamic capsule, rugged grille, all-metal body, and gold-plated XLR connectorIncludes microphone clip

50Hz - 15kHz frequency response 600 ohm output impedance

Digital Reference DRV200 Dynamic Lead Vocal Mic

Articulate and accurate vocal reproduction that cuts through any mixSupercardioid pattern provides maximum gain, minimizes feedbackShock-mounted dynamic capsule, all-metal body, and gold-plated XLR connectorIncludes microphone clip and soft case

50Hz - 18kHz frequency response 300 ohm output impedance


$25.00 / Per Day

Alesis MultiMix 4 USB – Four-Channel USB Mixer
(MultiMix 4 USB - Product Overview - 805kb)
(MultiMix 4 USB - QuickStart Guide [RevA] - 841kb)
(ASIO4 PC Audio Drivers - 391kb)

The MultiMix 4 USB mixer has four input channels, all of which can accept a 1/4″ line input. You can can plug XLR microphones into channels one and two, including condensers thanks to the mixer’s switchable 48V-phantom power supply. You can also plug a guitar or bass directly into channel one’s switchable high-impedance input.

Channels one and two offer switchable high-pass filtering at 75Hz to eliminate low-frequency rumble, handling and wind noise. Each channel has an independent pan control and channels one and two provide high and low-shelving EQs. Channels one and two have independent gain trims, while channels three and four are configured as a stereo pair at the level and pan controls.

The MultiMix 4 USB has a two channel, five stage, multicolor LED meter for visual monitoring the main output level. A stereo, 1/4″ headphone output has its own level control. for more information.

$30.00 / Per Day

Alesis MultiMix 6 USB – Six-Channel USB Mixer

Multimix 6 USB - Product Overview

MultiMix 6 USB - Quickstart Guide [RevA]

ASIO4All - Optional ASIO Driver for Windows [v2.10]

Six-channel mixer with mic, line, and guitar-level inputs
16-bit, 44.1 kHz stereo USB output on USB for easy Mac and PC interface
Six 1/4-inch line-level inputs for instruments
Works with iPad via Apple USB Adaptor (sold separately)
Two XLR inputs with gain trim, switchable high-pass filters, and 48V phantom power
High-impedance guitar input for direct-connecting guitars
Two-channel EQ on channels 1, 2, 3, and 4
Multicolor LED metering for visual level feedback
Main and headphone outputs with independent level controls
Class compliant, plug-and-play USB for Mac and PC interface without installing drivers for more information.

$25.00 / Per Day

Behringer DX052 Mixer
(Owner's Manual - 1.91mb)
(Spec Sheet - 1.45mb)

Manufacturer's Description for Behringer DX052 2-Channel DJ Mixer
Professional 2-Channel DJ Mixer with BPM Counter and VCA Faders
The Pro Mixer DX052 is a professional 2-channel DJ mixer, with a set of features that make it particularly interesting to the hip-hop crowd.

Start with Behringer's high-grade 45-mm Ultraglide faders. The faders are, after all, the heart and soul of each mixer. With their 500,000 cycles life expectancy, they outperform standard faders more than 20-fold. VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier) technology goes hand in hand with their faders -- audio signal does not run directly through them; instead, the faders only provide a control voltage to the VCAs. The advantage: practically no audio noise caused by mechanical wear.

Matching tracks is an art in itself. It takes countless nights of practice before you can truly say you have it under your belt. With their intelligent BPM counter, they take a lot of the guesswork out.

Behringer also gives you the awesome XPQ 3D surround function. It widens the stereo image and adds life and transparency to your sound -- it's a great way to put a unique finishing touch to your sound and make it feel bigger and wider. for more information.

$25.00 / Per Day
Samson MDR6 - 6 Channel Mixer
(Owners Manual - 14.5mb)

Manufacturer's Description for Samson MDR6 6-Channel Mixer
The compact MDR 6 is a 6 input stereo mic/line tabletop mixer in a portable and rugged package. Perfect for a small studio, the MDR 6 features Hard Disc Record mode for recording with a PC.

6 input stereo mixer
Low noise op-amps
Low impedance circuit design
60mm faders on each channel and mains
3-band EQ on each channel
Hard Disc record mode
4 XLR inputs with mic preamps
Mono out with level control
Dual 5-segment LEDs
Aux send with effects return
Headphone out with level control
Phantom power

CD & Karaoke & MP3 PLAYERS
$30.00 / Per Day Rent American Audio - ADJ

Vocopro - CDG-9000 Pro - Karaoke  & CD Player
$30.00 / Per Day
Vocopro - CDG-9000 Pro - Karaoke  & CD PlayerRent Vocopro - The Singers Ultimate Choice
Professional Dual-Deck CD/CD+G Player with Key Control

Dual CD/CD+G deck player with separate CD+G decoders
Individual 12-step Digital Key Control for each deck
Easy track programability from the front panel
+/- 12 Pitch Control that does not scramble lyrics when adjusted
Choose between individual A/V out or switched A/V out
Loop function allows you to create segments for continuous play on the fly
Professional Shuttle Dial and Jog Wheel for precision cueing and frame searching
Rugged, rackmountable design for the professional KJ and DJ
Switchable NTSC/PAL video output
Choose between Single Track or Continuous Play modes

Vocopro - CDG-9000 Pro - Karaoke  & CD Player (Owners Manual - 11.5mb) | Vocopro - CDG-9000 Pro - Karaoke  & CD Player (Larger Front View) | Vocopro - CDG-9000 Pro - Karaoke  & CD Player (Larger Rear View)

Numark CDN95 Professional Dual CD & MP3 Player
$30.00 / Per Day
Numark CDN95 Professional Dual CD & MP3 PlayerRent Numark

The CDN95 builds on the proven technology of the CDN95 and adds MP3 playback capability, so that all of Numark's custom mixing effects can now be applied to MP3 files, with all of the reliability of traditional CDs. These effects include 2 sets of seamless loops per track, scratching via jog wheels, "interlock" auto–beat matching, stutter starts, and programmable track sequencing.

Full MP3 playback capability with 2 line text display
Builtin Beatkeeper with automixing and synchronization
Multiple DSP effects with direct access including reverse
Saves up to 3,000 cue points in memory, transferable to compatible units
±6, 12, 25 and 100% pitch control
±100% Key Lock with key control
2 complete seamless loops with 3 hot stutter starts
MIDI in/out, S/PDIF digital output, CDR compatible
48 seconds of AntiShock? buffer memory
User updateable operating system

Numark CDN95 Professional Dual CD & MP3 Player (Quick Start - 256KB) | Numark CDN95 Professional Dual CD & MP3 Player (Product Overview - 1.60MB)



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